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Our Business

Custom-Made software development service by top10 HR service firm in the world. We have a lot of kinds of business and system knowledge in the world. In addition, we develop software in Vietnam. That's why, we can provide high quality and reasonable price Custom-Made software.


custom-made Software

There are a lot of business ideas / issues in some industries.
Then it takes a lot of times to execute ideas / solve a issues.
If your team request Custom Software to us, your team might reduce up to 50% of working cost.
Because your team can focus on core business.


Sustain process for client

Even if you can find existing software from the store, it isn’t perfect matching for your business process.
And also if you request changing to vendor, it takes expensive customize and maintenance fee.
If you want to keep your own business process, Custom-Made Software is the most useful.


Global experience

Intelligence Business Solutions Vietnam Co., Ltd is software development company in top 10 HR service firm in the world.

We have a lot of experience of developing custom-made Software for the global clients.
That’s the reason why, we can provide High-Quality Low-Cost Custom Software.

Introduce Our Team!

We are international company. Vietnamese, Japanese and Indian working together. We are mixing Vietnamese high motivation developer and Indian smart thought and Japanese products quality. We are continue to making friendly and challenging environment day by day.


Yoshihito Satoyoshi
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General Director / CEO

His philosophy is productivity. After finishing your working, he encourages all of us to go home and spend your remaining time with your family as well as learn some new technologies. In private, he is a famous guitarlist of Japanese-Manga-Cosplay music band "L.C.L".


Tomoaki Kunimoto

Chief Technical Officer

He came to Vietnam in April 2016. He is a real family man who takes great care of his wife and lovely children. Together with his technical skills and experiences, IBSV will have more opportunities for innovation and business success


Hoa Tran
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Business Analyst

Although she has two children, surprisingly, there is no problem with her performance since handling both effectively is her strength. Self-motivation in working is easy for her. Hoa-san is a typical modern woman who is productive while maintaining a healthy work-life balance

phu le

Le Phu
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Development Manager

He is our manager in the daytime but he is a football team leader and the assembly slobbering leader as well in the nighttime. In work, he is a careful person and he wants everything must be done perfectly but in life, he is "dangerous" guy.

vuong truong

Truong Vuong
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HR Manager

He is just a small guy but he has a huge mission - day by day, he is looking for talent engineer for the company. Beside that he is also a hard working/ hard playing guy. Don't ask him how many cans he can drink! The answer is uncountable


Nguyen Minh Luan
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Project Manager

His work involves regular communication with clients to get requirements and offer solutions. Making sure clients are satisfied by quickly respond to their needs is his goal. Not only enthusiastic in working, but he is also humorous in daily life, especially in teasing others.


Dang Ngoc Duc
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Project Manager

He is the first employee of IBSV. Can speak that he knows everything about the company and he is a person laying the groundwork for the company. He has helped to shape the company culture.


Amresh Verma
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Project Manager

On 2014 he joined IBSV. He is good at work with Japanese and Vietnamese peoples. He likes the close relationship among all employees and the management team. He enjoyed a good career opportunity at Intelligence and slogan “you job your joy E


Nguyen Thi Ngoc Cam
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Business Analyst

A great woman who can balance between work and family, she can make both work run smoothly and taking care of her family perfectly. Maybe she need to write a guide named "how can she do that"!

About Us

Intelligence Business Solutions Vietnam (IBSV) is a Japanese software development company in HCMC. We are established in October 2013. Our group PERSOL GROUP is Top10 HR service firm in the world. Therefore, we have a lot of HR business and system knowledge. We are providing HR related software service to Asia. We want to become No1 quality HR software company in Asia. If you have any question or request about IBSV, please call or email us.